Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reducing the appearance of scarring

  Scarring can be inevitable whether due to an injury or a procedure, but there are many things you can do to help reduce the appearance of scarring.

  • 1.       Clean wound right away with peroxide if it is due to an injury, and twice daily after that. Follow any post procedure directions given by the provider if due to a surgery or procedure.
  • 2.       Keep wound moist while it is healing with something gentle like plain Vaseline or Aquaphor. Although it is an old wives tale to let the wound dry out, this actually prevents the wound from healing quickly and leads to more itching.
  • 3.       Keep the area covered with a bandage while it heals. This helps keep the area moist for healing, decrease the amount of bacteria the area is exposed to, and also protects it from the sun as it heals (this helps reduce the discoloration) Change the bandage once to twice daily.
  • 4.       If the wound has stitches or staples, make sure to have them removed in the time frame recommended. Too short amount of time can cause area to reopen resulting in a larger scar, and too long of time can cause more inflammation and/or track mark like scarring.
  • 5.       Always protect healing scars with sunscreen SPF 30+ daily during and after the area has healed. This helps to prevent more red or brown discoloration in the scar which will make the area look less noticeable.
  • 6.       At Florida Skin Center we recommend using Skin Medica’s Scar Recovery Gel twice daily after the wound has healed. This product helps to reduce inflammation while hydrating the scar, leading to a reduction in the appearance of red or pink discoloration.

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