Monday, April 30, 2012

Make Your Mornings Hassle Free

Summer is just around the corner. Time to breakout the flip flops and our bathing suits and have some fun right? Well what about making the time to get your laser hair removal treatments making your mornings hassle free?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure used to permanently reduce unwanted hair.  Unlike many other hair removal methods, laser treatment, leaves your skin looking and feeling much smoother and softer.  There is minimal down time, and most people can immediately resume regular activities.  The laser affects hair follicles that are in the growth phase, therefore more than one treatment is necessary. The light energy from the laser penetrates the skin and gets absorbed by hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. The heat generated in this process destroys the hair.

The other great news, we have lasers that work on all skin types with little to no risk of scarring.

Now is as god time as any to make your mornings hassle free.  Ask us about our great packages and promotions for our laser hair removal treatments.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Instant Wrinkle Smoother Treatment

Restylane is an injectable filler that contains hyaluronic acid.  It is used to smooth wrinkles in the skin with immediate results.  Almost any part of the face can be injected with Restylane.  The deep parenthesis lines around your mouth also known as the nasolabial folds, depressed acne scars, chin grooves, cheek hollows and the lips are some of the more common areas to be treated with Restylane.

Restylane treatments are quick and easy with relatively no pain.  A topical anesthetic is used prior to injections.  You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.  Some patients do get bruising which can be minimized by taking the supplement Arnica after the procedure.  Restylane treatments generally last around six months.   Please visit our website to see some great before and after pictures of our patients who have had these treatments.
It is time to Put Your Parentheses in Their Place!  

Be on the lookout for our Great Mother’s Day Special on Restylane.