Friday, June 24, 2011

Laser Hair Removal: Ethnic Skin Types

Unfortunately for many women and some men, unwanted facial hair is a common problem.  It is even more unfortunate for those of us with ethnic skin because not only do we have to deal with unwanted hair, we also have to deal with the dark marks and scarring it can leave behind.
This young female came to our office for just that concern: unwanted facial hair.  We treated this patient with four laser hair removal treatments.  As you can see from the above picture, the laser hair removal treatment not only helped her facial hair, but it also minimized her discoloration and scarring.
Beware however.  Not all lasers are created equal.  The laser we used for this patient was one specific for ethnic skin.  If you are shopping around for laser hair removal treatments be sure to ask who will be performing the treatment, what type of laser is being used and the side effects involved.  If you have any questions about laser hair removal treatments for any skin type please feel free to give us a call.