Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skin Protection is Important Even at the Nail Salon

 Living in Florida, we are constantly in the sun and reminded to wear our sunscreen when we are outdoors.  But what about using sunscreen before going to the nail salons for our routine manicure and pedicure?

Yes that’s right the nail salon.  The lights used in most nail salons and at home units are UV lights and emit UVA rays. UVA rays penetrate the skin deeper than UVB rays and cause our skin to age and wrinkle.  They also damage the skin cells in the epidermis which leads to skin cancers. 

You may think only a few minutes under the lights what harm can be done? However, weekly trips to the nail salons can add up to significant UV exposure over a lifetime. 

What can you do to protect your skin from UV exposure? Wear sunscreen prior to getting your nails done.  Wear finger less gloves and socks to protect the skin around your hands and feet.  Air dry, it may take longer, but significantly reduce your risk of getting skin cancer.

We have a great selection of sunscreens that are water resistant here at the office that our staff would be happy to give you information on.