Friday, December 14, 2012

Make A Great Impression

The holiday season is quickly approaching and in a blink of an eye the new year will be upon us.  And with the new year brings New Year resolutions. We all make them, resolutions to eat better, work out, make time for each other.  How many of us though make our skin health a top priority?  Our skin tells a story and  is often the first impression we give to others. Why not make a resolution this year to take care of your skin?  If you or your family has never had your skin checked now is a great time. Dr. Badia and her providers will examine your skin from head to toe for any suspicious lesions or moles. We often can provide same day biopsies if necessary for any spot that is suspicious for a cancer or precancerous lesion.  We also urge you to preform self skin check examinations to look for the ABCDs of moles.
  1. Assymetry: one side of a mole or lesion doesn't look like the other
  2. Borders:  if a mole or spot has jagged edges
  3. Color: not only dark colors or any changing colors in a spot or mole
  4. Diameter: if a mole or spot is large or has changed in size                     

We can also provide you with great skin care regimens that are affordable and acutally work as well as cosmetic treatments for those of us who not only want to be healthy, but want to look and feel better too.

Make a great impression this year and make a resolution to take care of you!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Florida Skin Center