Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tattoo No More

We get a lot of questions in our office from patients about laser tattoo removal. So in today’s blog we wanted to answer the FAQs we receive from our patients.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?
Lasers break up the ink in a tattoo so our own body can absorb it and get rid of it naturally.

What are some common factors that affect laser tattoo removal?
The coloring in your tattoo determines how many treatments you will need. Black, red, and dark blue colors absorb laser light much easier then tattoos with green, light blue and brown colors. Since colors respond to laser therapy differently, Dr. Badia and her staff use one type of laser for easy to remove colors like black and red and another laser specifically for colors that are more difficult to remove such as green.

Both laser treatments can be done on the same day. This makes tattoo removal more effective so fewer treatments are needed to remove the tattoo.

The depth and type of ink used in the tattoo can also determine how many treatments will be required. A tattoo that is covered by another tattoo has more ink and depth in the skin and will require more treatments. Professional tattoos run deeper in the skin than amateur tattoos.

How painful are laser removal treatments?
Laser tattoo removal has been described as a rubber band snapping feel. However, to minimize discomfort topical numbing can be applied to the tattoo as well as lidocaine injections.

How many and how much do treatments cost?
As mentioned earlier since there are many factors that play a role in determining how successful tattoo removal will be we recommend coming in to see one of our providers to get a quote for the cost of treatment.

How successful are treatments?
Please take a look below at a few of our patients before and after photos.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Florida Skin Center Turns 10 !!

Happy Birthday Florida Skin Center!

Dr. Badia and her staff have been very excited this week because Florida Skin Center just turned ten years old!  Over the past decade, Dr. Badia and her staff have been providing our community with great dermatology care.  When Dr. Badia first opened the doors to Florida Skin Center, she wanted to provide her patients with the most up to date dermatology care with a great friendly staff.  And she has done just that. 

With each passing year, Dr. Badia has added to her practice, treatments and procedures that she believes in so her patients can have all their dermatology needs taken care of at one place. These treatments include:  Light therapy, Mohs Services, Full Aesthetic services, and Lasers therapy just to name a few.  In addition, we are the only practice in the area that sees kids. And many of our patients make a trip to Florida Skin Center a “family affair”.

Dr. Badia and her staff at FSC also believe in giving back to the community as well.  You can see her and her staff volunteering at various organizations throughout the community.  Just recently, we were involved in Viva Cape Coral and at speaking engagements to educate the community at City of Fort Myers and local elementary schools.   In fact, Dr. Badia was recognized locally by the Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board as Volunteer of the Year in 2008.  A distinction that is rare for many busy physicians.

All in all, Florida Skin Center has had a great 10 years and looks forward to what the future holds.  We hope to see you soon.