Monday, December 14, 2015

Tips for the First Time Injectable Patient

It’s that time of year we all love, holiday season.  Most of us will be getting together with loved ones to celebrate the end of year and what’s to come for 2016.  It may also be the time of year where you are considering an injectable. You’ve heard about them, your friends have it done and you want to give it a try, but are nervous.  Here are some helpful hints for achieving the best results.

1.       Do your homework.
With so many products on the market these days it can be hard to know what does what.  Patients often think that Botox and Fillers are interchangeable. In reality, they do two totally different things.  Botox is a medication that is injected into our facial muscles. For those of us who are very expressive, it helps relax our muscles to prevent us from making deep lines.  Filler such as Voluma and Juvederm do exactly as the name implies, they fill and add volume. Botox and Fillers are treatments we recommend doing together.

2.       Pick the Right Provider
We all love a great deal, but when it comes to our face and injections, we want to make sure we are picking a provider with expertise in cosmetic injections. If it seems too good of a deal, it probably is.  All of the providers at Florida Skin Center have undergone numerous training sessions on cosmetic injectables.  Dr. Badia has close to 20 years of experiences with cosmetic injections and her PAs have a combined experience of over 13 years with these procedures.

3.       Maintenance
In order to stay looking great, you will need maintenance treatments.   Effects of treatment will vary depending on which injection you have done. Our providers will be more than happy to recommend a good maintenance program for you to maintain your desired look.

4.       Follow Providers Orders
There is no one that wants you to be happier with your treatment, than your provider.  Taking simple precautions like avoiding OTC pain medications prior to treatment are key to helping you achieve your desired look with less downtime.  Another key to achieving your desired look, it to listen to your providers recommendation on the type and amount of product you need.  Leave it to us experts to help you decide what you need to get your ideal look.

We Wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Perfect Holiday Gift

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift this year? Give the gift of beautiful skin!

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